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If you are an experienced real estate investor or housing contractor looking for alternative financing, Babylon Loan Services is the lender for you. Rather than solely looking at your credit, we look at the value of the property to be used as collateral. We typically fund up to 80% of the "as is" value of the property to be renovated.

Babylon Loan Services offer competitive rates and terms with most loans maturing in 8 to 12 months. By paying only interest during the term of the loan, you can better manage your cash flow. You can finish your project and sell the property ahead of schedule, and pay off your loan without worrying about a pre-payment penalty.

Contact Babylon Loan Services

Babylon Loan Services works directly with the commercial contractor and real estate investor.

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Babylon Loan Services,  is located in 43 SKYBIRD,LAS VEGAS NEVADA. Jude walter serves as the Managing Director, David Dock is the loan officer



Babylon Loan Services

Phone: 646-576-7481

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